About Moribund Co.

Hello. My name is Mason True.

I’m a student living in New York City, with a sincere desire to someone worth being and do something worth doing and be. The more I’ve reflected, read, and rambled on my future aspirations, the more I’ve realized that I don’t quite know what is worth doing. To be completely vulnerable with you, I feel very confused about who I’d like to become and what I’ll be doing while I become it. My hope is that this blog will inspire productive reflection in both you and me.

So, why the name? Well, the word moribund means “approaching death.” The root word, mori, is Latin for “to die.” I chose this title because I want to keep one thought at the forefront of my mind: I am dying, you are dying, we all are dying. I for one would like to die well. And if you would too, then I’m writing this for us. I still don’t know exactly what entails a good death or I’d be writing about something else but feel rather sure that it is deeply tied to living a good life. That being said, a blog about living well does not have the same drama to it, so here we are.

I’m so pleased that you’ve taken a moment to read this and hope you leave feeling that time was well spent. After all, we only have so much.